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Billions of dollars are spent every year by federal, state and local government entities and agencies on goods and services. Much of this is spent through contracts won by businesses like yours! Preference is given to local, diverse and small businesses through programs, making it possible for every contractor and business to win a contract.

Houston Area Minority, Women & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs

Directory of programs for minority, women and historically disadvantaged businesses with direct links to the program’s websites and registration.

Government Bidding Glossary - Houston Bids and RFPs

Houston Bids & RFPs – Bidding Glossary Acquisition  : The act of acquiring products, supplies or services by the government with funds through purchase or lease. Agency  : Any government corporation, government controlled business, or other e…

Registering for Houston RFP Opportinities

Before an supplier can submit their proposal for a RFP, often they must first be registered with the government entity or agency that advertised the bid. Registering differs depending on the government entity; the federal government has a strict registration process.

Tips to Government Vendors

1. Start small  – If you have never bid with the government before, consider starting small. This will give you time to get use to the process without overwhelming you. Generally speaking, the more a contract costs, the more complicated the bidding process.

What are Government Bid Opportunities?

Though pursuing government bid and RFP opportunities can be a very lucrative and stable move for many supplier or businesses, it can also be a complicated and difficult process to navigate. This definition outlines how government purchasing works, how the contractor and governments benefit, as well as some examples of government purchasing.

What is a Government Contract Entity?

A government contract entity / agency is a term used to describe a particular governmental groups; city, county, state or federal.

What is a Government Pre Bid Meeting?

A Government Pre-Bid Meeting for goods and service contracts is a meeting of procurement agents/representatives and contractors who are bidding on an open opportunity, before the bid is actually due.

Working with Local Governments

Many government contractors are finding that expanding their service area helps them when attempting to work with the government.